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Management Plans

HWA Management Plan for Canada

The hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) is an aphid-like invasive pest from Asia that threatens hemlock survival in the eastern United States and more recently in eastern Canada. Hemlock is an important tree species because it is slow-growing and long-lived, with large canopies that create unique habitat that many plants and animals rely on. Hemlock are also very important to recreationalist and homeowners who enjoy and admire the unique environment that hemlock provide. The aim of this report is to outline the components for a HWA management plan in all eastern provinces that have hemlock at risk to HWA (i.e. Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island). First, we summarize the risks and potential impacts associated with HWA in eastern Canada. We then outline potential components of an HWA management plan in Canada by summarizing the research and management tactics already explored and implemented in the eastern United States.


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Nova Scotia Management Plan

The HWA Working Group – Maritimes is pleased to share the HWA Management Plan for Nova Scotia. This document is meant to help land managers and landowners understand the threat of HWA to biodiversity and to provide possible solutions. This plan should be viewed as an evergreen, draft document that leverages the best available western science on the management of HWA. The Working Group set up a sub-committee who championed the development of the HWA Management Plan and they will meet again in early November; they would be pleased to receive comments, suggestions, and other ways of knowing the land and HWA, to help improve the document and the future of Nova Scotia’s Eastern hemlock. Please send feedback to:
Matt Smith
(902) 529-0191

Download publication here